The Ultimate Guide – How to Apply to Universities in the UK for International Students

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Wondering how you can apply to universities in the UK as an international student? It’s easier than you think – the process can all be done through one website!

Before applying, there are some steps that you need to consider in order to be organized and prepared for this journey. Keep reading to find more about the preparations and application process in the UK! 😉

Preparations to Apply to Universities in the UK:

#1 Choose the Right Program

Before starting the application process, remember to reflect on your own to understand what you are passionate about. 

Are you into coding? Then maybe a Computer Science program would suit you. Do you enjoy managing and handling money? Consider looking into Finance. 

Whatever you want to pursue, you should make sure that you research the job market, check the employment rates for that field, and look into the salaries as well. 

Some of the most popular programs in the UK to consider include Business Administration, Medicine, Law, Computer & IT, Natural Sciences, and many more!

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#2  Decide on a University

The UK has highly-ranked universities known for their quality of education, diversity, and research. 

To know how to choose a university in the UK, you will need to look at certain factors such as:

  • Location. Do you prefer to go to a university in a bigger city? Or do you like a quieter area?
  • Environment. Figure out what makes you comfortable the most; would you be more happy knowing that the university has a high percentage of international students?
  • Programs offered. Look at the program list for each university to make sure they are offering what you want.
  • Scholarships. By looking at different universities, you also have to check the scholarship/financial aid page to know what options are available. Check out some of the top scholarships for international students in the UK here.
  • Budget. Plan your finances in advance to understand how you will pay for your tuition fees and living expenses in the UK. Will you work a part time job? Will you use some of your savings?
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#3 Apply for a Student visa in the UK

To prepare for the application process, you also need to take care of your student visa. Check out the requirements on the official government website

How to Apply to Universities in the UK?

Applying for UK universities is actually not complicated at all! You can apply to all the colleges and universities that you chose through one place: UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service).


Through the UCAS system, all you need to do is follow these simple steps: 

  • Register your account and fill out the application 
  • Choose up to 5 programs to apply to (at the same or different universities) 
  • Complete personal information including academic qualifications and work experience 
  • Submit a personal statement
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Postgraduate courses in the UK have their own specific entry requirements and application processes, so check the individual course websites for instructions on how to apply. Usually, the required university application documents in the UK include:

  • Valid passport and IDs
  • Birth certificate
  • Three reference letters
  • Proof of english proficiency 
  • Academic transcripts, including high school or previous degrees
  • Graduate students may need to submit a research proposal

The deadlines for UK universities are around the end of June for international students but this may vary in other universities especially for graduate applicants. 

Check specific university deadlines on the university websites!

Do you feel ready to apply to universities in the UK? Help out your friends and share this content with them to travel together! 😉


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