Steps to Study in Australia – Fees, visa, application process and more

Skyline of Sydney Australia.

Do you want to study in Australia? Many students do, as this incredible destination has numerous opportunities to offer! 

Besides having top universities and study programs, Australia also attracts people from all over the world because of its high quality of life.

If you are a beach lover, curious to see unique wildlife, want to experience living in a multicultural society, and ambitious about building a career – then you’re in the right place!

Let’s discover together the steps to study in Australia. 😉

Why study in Australia?

Australia is a destination that international students truly love! Here are some of the few reasons to study in Australia:

#1 Quality of education

Graduating from an Australian university will make you stand out to employers around the world.

There are 7 universities in Australia ranked in the top 100 in the world, according to Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings 2023.

#2 Work opportunities

As an international student, you can work in Australia part-time for up to 20 hours per week during school time and limitless hours during vacations. 

After graduation, you can get a post-study work visa in Australia temporarily to gain work experience. The duration varies, but it is usually 2 – 4 years. 

#3 Lower costs of living

While Australia is not known to be an affordable country, it is still a better option than  the UK and USA. The living costs for an international student in Australia are around USD1,000/per month without rent. 

The accommodation costs vary depending on the type of residence. Usually, shared apartments are more affordable than living alone, costing around  $500 to $800/month.

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Great & Affordable universities in Australia to check out: 

  • University of Southern Queensland
  • Charles Sturt University
  • Federation University Australia
  • Southern Cross University
  • Australian Catholic University

Want to know more about scholarships in Australia? Keep reading them to find out all the scholarships available there! 😉👇

#4 How to Apply to Universities in Australia:

You can apply to Australian institutions directly through their websites. All you have to do is check the app of your desired institution, download the application forms and fill them out. 

Another option is to contact the institution’s representative to get all the necessary details.

Typically, these are the main documents to apply to an Australian university:

  • Proof of your level of English language proficiency 
  • Previous academic transcripts
  • Employment experience (if applicable).
  • Application fee of around AUD$50 to $100
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IMPORTANT: Australia generally has two intakes: February (applications must be sent until the beginning of February) and July (deadline in mid-June). 

Don’t forget to check your preferred university’s website for the exact deadline dates.

To find scholarship opportunities in Australia, visit the government’s website to find out what you are eligible for! 🤩 

#5 Australian Student Visa:

In order to apply for an Australian Student Visa, the first thing you’ll need is to receive a “Confirmation of Enrolment” document from your university confirming your acceptance.

Then, access the Australian immigration authorities website and create an account with them to submit the following documents: 

  • Your Confirmation of Enrolment
  • Health insurance & a valid passport
  • Proof of temporary stay
  • Additional ID documents, such as a birth certificate
  • Proof that you can finance your studies 

Sometimes they might ask for additional information. Check the list here to know precisely what you need!

After filling out the application, getting the required documents, and paying your fees, you can submit everything online and wait for an interview. 

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