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Remember those long nights that you spent googling “which is the best university for me”? Forget about that! With the help of technology, now you can find the ideal university abroad in a matter of minutes. 

More than just attending virtual study abroad fairs, you can now count on new tools like the Study Abroad Match, which does all the hard work of research to find the institutions that suit your needs!

Let’s see how it works:

Study Abroad Virtual Fairs x In-Person Events: which is the best?

The Student World has been organizing study abroad fairs for more than 25 years now. With every year that passes by, we learn something new about your needs. 

The company started organizing in-person study abroad events. However, years later, we shifted to online events instead to help more students rather than restricting ourselves to one location.

Before, students would book a flight, take the train, drive, etc. But now? Grab your favorite snack and enjoy the online event while sitting on your couch! 

The online events have MANY institutions attending and waiting to speak to students, but some of the students are still struggling to reach a decision…


Because it can get overwhelming! 

Attending a study abroad fair with several universities can make you feel lost and make you wonder: which university is better, which destination suits me, which one has the budget that I’m looking for, etc…

BUT, all those questions can finally be answered before attending the fair using the Study Abroad Match tool! 

This feature allows you to get one step closer to your dream university abroad.

Study Abroad Match: How does it work? 

First, you’ll have to register for one of our online events. Click here to see the list of the upcoming events and register for the ones in your region.

These events have institutions attending and waiting to speak with you about everything related to studying abroad!

After you register for an event, the Study Abroad Match will automatically appear. You will have to answer a quick quiz about your preferences so that the tool can find your match. 

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The questions will be related to the language that you would like to study in, the programs you have in mind, budget, destinations, and more. That’s how we will understand more about you and your goals!

You can even choose more than one option… Can’t decide if you want to study in French or English? Choose both and we will still show you the best matches! 

Then, after getting your answers, we will match you with your best institutions in less than a minute and show your personalized results! Don’t forget to save the results to connect with your matches on the day of the event. 

Does it get any better? Yes, it does! 

During the fair, you can browse through the universities, chat LIVE with representatives of the universities through audio or video call, look at videos and brochures and gain exclusive information about programs.

What are the benefits?

  • Save time. As mentioned before, instead of researching for answers about which destinations suit you, or what universities are in your budget, this tool can answer it all in minutes. 
  • Personalized results. The information on universities’ websites might not be exactly accurate because each student has a different case. However, using the study abroad match, you will be able to get accurate results that are personalized to your needs!
  • Focus on what’s important. Spend your time during the fair talking with institutions that REALLY offer what you are looking for. 
  • Do it from home! No need to commute anywhere, dress up fancy, or wait in lines to talk to university representatives like the in-person events. Skip all of that – our virtual fairs will directly connect you to your university without the hassle! 

Using the study abroad match will enhance your experience at the student world virtual fair. You will join the fair knowing exactly who are your matches and ready to speak with them to ask your questions!

Need to know more about this feature? Check out this video that explains it all:
(Add study abroad match video)

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