How to find universities abroad? 

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Finding universities abroad can be challenging…

But if you have the right tools in hand, it’s possible to speak directly to the institutions to ask your questions and finally pursue an education overseas! 

Today we are going to show you how the TSW virtual fair can help you easily get all the information. 

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What are The Student World Virtual fairs?

Imagine this: You have always wanted to earn a degree from a university abroad and explore the world. You want to achieve this dream and begin a career that you are passionate about. 

You stay up all night researching universities that you can study in. But, you are lost and keep asking yourself questions that you can’t find the answers to, such as: 

  • “Does this university offer any scholarships?”
  • “I want to study culinary arts, does this university offer that?” 
  • “How do I apply to this university?” 
  • “I love the location of this university, but I’m wondering if they have any accommodation.” 
  • “Do they need an English proficiency test?” 

Well, this is exactly why The Student World Virtual fair exists!

You will be able to join the event from your home and meet different university representatives from all around the world. 

Then, you get to finally ask all your questions directly to these universities through chat, audio and video calls. 

Forget about contacting institutions through emails and waiting for days to get a response! During the events, you’ll get responses back immediately.

And it gets better: The Student World events are FREE!

Register for free, join the event, ask your questions, write down your notes, apply to the universities that you like, and then have it all ready for your experience abroad!

Why are the virtual events beneficial?

  • Connection. You get to connect directly with the universities and even other students to receive information and accomplish your goals. 
  • Convenience. You don’t have to waste your time researching for different answers when you can get them in a few minutes! 
  • Comfort. Most importantly, there is no need to travel or pay money to reach this event. Simply join from any device you have at home!

Where to register?

You can easily register on The Student World website. Look closely into each event to find out which one matches your region and preferences.

Then, simply enter your email to register for the event. You will get all the information sent to you on your email so that you can access the fair without any issues! 

It doesn’t stop here: The Student World designed a matching tool to find the ideal destination and institution for you!

Find out all about the Study Abroad Match here.

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Feeling better about the research process now? We promise you it’s easier than you think! 

Share this with your friends to let them know how to find universities abroad and speak directly with them to accomplish their dreams faster! 😉

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