How to Calculate Your Study Abroad Costs

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Want to calculate your study abroad costs in advance to be fully prepared for this experience? That’s a wise decision, and now you don’t need to worry about adding all costs manually to a spreadsheet.  😉

You can estimate your costs abroad in just a few minutes by using the Study Abroad Costs Calculator developed by The Student World.

All you need to do is follow the steps below… 👇

Study Abroad Costs Calculator: How to use it

The calculator is a quick quiz with seven questions. It will help us understand more about you and your goals to estimate your study abroad budget per year. 

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You’ll see some questions related to your plans abroad like where you want to study, how do you plan to move around the city, what type of accommodation would you prefer, etc.

Once you finish answering them, you’ll see the results immediately. The amount will include your tuition fees, accommodation, food, transportation and entertainment.

What if I’m not sure about an answer?

If you are still unsure what to answer, you can try more than one option to find out what suits you best. 

For instance, if you choose Australia as your study destination but realize that the amount is above your budget, you can also check out other countries until you find your ideal match.

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Ultimately, the calculator will expedite the process and give you time to focus on other essential factors such as booking flights, packing your bags, and flying away! 

Ready to calculate your study abroad costs?

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