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It's great to e-meet you. Here's a little bit about who we are and what we stand for

What makes us unique

Over 7 years ago, The Student World started with one goal: to help people around the world pursue their education abroad. More than a brand, we are a big community who believes in the power of education in changing people's lives

Most of our team is made up of people who have had the chance to live a study abroad experience and know how incredible it is


We are not worried about sounding fancy or intellectual. Our voice reflects nothing more but a conversation between friends

For everyone

We don't focus only on popular choices, instead, we pride ourselves in providing content even if it's in the interest of very few people

Being helpful rather than popular

Every day, we are in close contact with hundreds of reputable schools and universities to provide you with the most reliable and updated information in the industry

Weekly News

We share news about future programs, scholarships, special opportunities and more

Live Events

We host over 100 online events per year to connect you with universities across the world

Tips & Guides

We help you with practical information on how to plan your studies

What our community is saying

We stand side by side to everyone who seeks the right support to pursue their education abroad

Sao Paulo, Brazil

``I met my University at The Student World Study in Canada event. We talked and after a while I applied and got accepted``

Bogota, Colombia

``It’s great the tips you guys share on Social Media. The recent posts about cost of living were super helpful``

Lagos, Nigeria

``Very satisfied with the event I joined. Speaking with different universities at the same time really makes a difference``

Our team around the globe