7 Ways to Study Abroad on a Budget!

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It’s possible to study abroad on a budget! Don’t be discouraged by all the expenses; there are ways to help you go through it all… 😉 

Finances can be stressful, but planning early on and being organized will help ease this on you. 


Well, here are the 7 great ways to save money and study abroad:

#1 Choose a suitable location

During your research process, always look at the costs of living of the destination you intend to go to. For example, even if you think the tuition fees are affordable, living in that country might not be! 

Many excellent study-abroad countries don’t necessarily have higher living costs; it’s just a matter of comparing them and choosing one that fits your budget. 

For instance, make a list of all the destinations you would like to study in, and then include the monthly costs of each one and choose accordingly. 

Also, remember that the costs differ from one city to the other. So, if you choose an expensive destination like Australia, the best thing you can do is avoid larger cities there and look for smaller towns that are cost-friendly! 

You can still end up visiting the larger cities during the weekends/vacations. 😉

#2 Create a spending budget for yourself

When you know where you want to study and the living costs, you can begin planning. 

By making a spreadsheet, you can organize your approximate monthly expenses abroad to set money aside.

If you skip this step, you may end up overspending and needing more money for significant expenses! It will also help eliminate unnecessary costs.

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#3 Apply for scholarships early

The earlier you apply for scholarships abroad, the better your chance of receiving money! 

International students are eligible for many scholarships worldwide. Check out this article that provides tips on how to apply for scholarships abroad

Getting a scholarship will save you lots of money on your tuition fees, so it’s an essential step. 

Don’t forget to contact universities abroad to ask them directly about these opportunities! 😉 

#4 Choose cheaper accommodations

If you would like to live on-campus but realize that the fees are way too high, postpone that choice and go for something cheaper, such as sharing an apartment with other students and splitting the rental costs. 

Homestays are usually the go-to option for many of the students who are on a budget as well.

Of course, you can always change accommodations once you feel like you’re in a more comfortable situation!

#5 Try different transportation options

Are you finding public transportation too expensive for you? Instead, try biking to the university! 

There are more options than you think. Research alternatives to ensure you are using the best choice in the destination you want to study.

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#6 Benefit from Student Discounts!

There are often a lot of opportunities when it comes to discounts for international students! 

Remember to keep your student ID on you, and don’t be shy or afraid to ask what you are eligible for. You can use it in restaurants, museums, cinemas, public transportation, hostels, and more.

And guess what? You can get discounted flight tickets as well. 

Tip: Always book your flights in advance and use websites with good deals, such as StudentUniverse.

#7 Find free entertainment

Who said you have to spend hundreds of dollars to have fun? 

Having fun can be literally done for free! 😉 

Some examples include planning picnic outings with friends, walking/hiking in nature, visiting free art galleries, sightseeing places, and more!

Can you study abroad on a budget after reading these tips? Awesome! Help out your friends by sharing this with them as well! 

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