5 Study Abroad Career Benefits

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Did you know that by fulfilling your dream of studying abroad, you are also benefiting your future? There are study abroad career benefits that will help you build the necessary social and technical skills!

Your knowledge, confidence, independence, language skills, and work experience abroad will show how adaptable you are and ultimately make you an excellent candidate for employers. 

Check out the 5 ways studying abroad helps your career in this blog! 👇

#1 Build a Network

Do you really want to impress employers? Building global connections around the world can help! 

Pursuing your education abroad will get you connected to different parts of the world that you didn’t know about before. 

One of the best study abroad career benefits is that you’ll make friends of different nationalities and industries. Through that, you’ll be exposed to many cultures, beliefs and religions. This will expand your knowledge and develop your intercultural skills.

This means that you will be able to communicate with people from different backgrounds. 


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Employers are looking for these key things: someone who is experienced, respectful and knowledgeable of other cultures, and has good communication skills.

Other than forming connections to develop your skills and knowledge, this can be useful to find people within your field. 

You never know when you  might meet a potential employer or people who will benefit you when applying for jobs in the future.

#2 Boost Your confidence

Challenges are expected to happen when studying abroad, but the way you deal with them will only help you become a more mature person! 

In the workforce, it is normal to face unexpected circumstances as well.

Knowing how to deal with problems abroad will make you more adaptable to new situations and willing to find solutions. 

These skills are important to almost every job. They will definitely make you more confident in both your personal and professional life.  

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The teaching style abroad will improve your confidence and independence as well because the systems usually encourage creativity; you will be forced to constantly think and work on projects, whether it was alone or in a team environment. 

#3 Gain International Experience

Studying in popular destinations will expose you to an excellent education system, giving you the right skills you need in the workforce. 

Institutions in first-world countries have a great reputation among employers as they include practical elements in the curriculum. They prepare you for the job market and make you a more competitive candidate.

Also, most  international programs have an internship or co-op component. It is beneficial to work while studying and gain work experience within your field!

This will make you stand out from other potential candidates, it shows that you are flexible and ambitious for seeking opportunities abroad.

#4 Become a Bilingual Professional

Employers want to know that you’ll be able to communicate with patients/clients/customers in their native language to form a deeper connection!

Studying at an English institution in your home country might not give you the same level of knowledge in the language as someone who studied abroad.

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After going abroad, you will get the opportunity to learn English while communicating with other international students, speaking to locals, professors, and doing presentations in English, and more activities. 

This ultimately makes international students more competitive for the global job market!

#5 Exposure to Future Opportunities

Earning your degree abroad is a great first step towards immigration.

In Canada for example, after you graduate from an institution there, you can apply for a post-graduate work permit to get Canadian work experience.

Getting a work permit after graduation is also possible in other destinations such as the UK, Germany, Spain. 

Having international experience on your resume will give you excellent work exposure and plenty of opportunities when you return back home.

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